Lose Weight Fast | How To Lose Weight Fast

Lose Weight Fast | How To Lose Weight Fast

How To Lose Weight Fast For Dummies

When you want to lose weight fast, you may be thinking of crash dieting or diet aids that promise quick results.  However, if you want to lose weight and keep it off, there is one diet that is easy, healthy, and effective.

The concept of basic food groups is as valid today as it was in the past.  The best way to lose weight fast is to make sensible choices from these groups every day.

One category includes dairy products.  You can find low-fat varieties of yogurt, milk, and other products.  They have fewer calories than full-fat products, and are essential for good health.

A healthy body also depends on protein.  Choose low-fat meats, fish, or eggs every day.  Choose food preparation methods that do not include oil or other fats for cooking.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful in nutrition, yet have few calories.  You can eat them with your meals, or as a snack.  They are filling and satisfying.  As canned vegetables contain sodium, and canned fruits contain syrups, make a point of choosing fresh produce.

Grains offer a number of benefits when you want to lose weight.  While low-fat grain products are nutritious and filling, they are low in calories.  In addition, grains provide the fiber your body needs for healthy digestion.  When your digestive system is working properly, it will help you lose weight.

When you are looking for the best way lose weight fast dieting should include plenty of fresh water.  While water flushes harmful toxins out of your body, it also aids in digestion.  You can shed pounds by drinking water throughout the day.  If you dislike water, a few drops of lemon juice can improve the taste.

Weight loss is an important issue.  When your body is slim and strong, it benefits both your appearance and your health.  The way to achieve long-term results is to focus on healthy eating.

There are reasons fad diets usually backfire.  First, they deprive your body of the nutrition it needs.  Second, quick weight loss does not work on a long-term basis.  Most people who lose weight rapidly gain the weight back within a short period of time.

Instead, make your weight loss plan one that will provide long-term benefits.  You can lose pounds without compromising your health.  When you have a balanced diet with sensible food choices, you will not have hunger pangs or cravings that tempt you to cheat on your diet.  You will be completely satisfied with the foods you eat at every meal.

Equally important, when you take the weight off it can stay off.  Rather than a quick lose weight fast diet for dropping pounds, you will be learning better habits that can last a lifetime.  When you develop a diet plan consisting of proteins, vegetables and fruits, grains, and dairy products, you are doing more than starting a weight loss diet.  You are making sensible changes that can benefit you for the rest of your life.  The weight you lose does not need to return.

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  1. Virginie Perier says:

    trying from today… ill let you know what happened!

  2. Mare Tyme says:

    seeing the before pictures I was thinking, wow she’s beautiful. Her after
    pictures are going to be stunning. Then wow, I was right. You are so
    gorgeous! Congrats for losing all that weight and getting healthy. Thanks
    for the tips too.

  3. nicole haywood says:


  4. KARLA QUINTE says:

    hey! can you write all the products that you showed on the video please
    please please

  5. KARLA QUINTE says:

    what kind of green tea is that and where did you buy it . i can’t find it.

  6. estrellitas287 says:

    Thank you for the excellent tips!!

  7. mrcarson1301 says:

    I am a big morning coffee drinker with stevia and 2 mini moos creamer in it
    is this bad for me

  8. Victoria Perez says:

    Thanks for this video

  9. amierahmna says:

    We dont have oulong tea in malaysia damn

  10. JamieQT1987 says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I will definitely start following your tips.

  11. Marco Medrano says:

    Damn abigale your video inspired me straight up! My older brothers always
    drinking green tea & that oolong one too but I’ve never been a fan of tea
    sadly but now that I saw this ima try it out for sure ! Thanks alot yo &
    btw your Gorgeous <3 (:

  12. akanksha sharma says:

    hey i am gonna try this out actually i was eating Oats and taking Green Tea
    once a day and i am taking lemon+honey+hot water after waking up in morning
    instead of night is it okay????

  13. Hayle Heyborne says:

    I love working out and getting healthy but to boost that weightloss program
    and tone tighten and firm that weight you already lost.. Honestly ITS
    AMAZING.. call me lets talk 4358999042

  14. Marco Medrano says:

    Yeah I do I never knew green tea helped. I just stacked up in a bunch of
    it! Does it matter if some I got are cranberry flavored?? & your welcome!
    You should add me on Facebook so I can keep you updated! 🙂 my names Marco
    Tapuro. I’m like one of the only ones with that last name so I shouldn’t be
    hard to find.

  15. Julie Bahad says:

    Thats amazing. I started my journey from 88 kilo’s and i’m now down to 79.
    I’m gonna follow these tips as my goal is to weight 60 kilo’s. It’s gonna
    be a tough and long journey,but it’s gonna be worth it. Keep it up people!

  16. Sara Bham says:

    Whoops sorry for saying that it just means that no one puts any cursesnon
    you and to tell you something ypu are the most best person in the world
    because i am an 11 year old that is fat (in my view) but ypur video is so
    easy thank you alot may god bless you and you are the most beautifullest
    woman i have ever seen

  17. Martha Smith says:

    I went to the store and purchased all these items… Except the Tea in the
    Red Box……. But I’m really hoping it works… I have some Green Tea that
    i’m only able to drink once a day.. Because its really strong….. But I
    cant wait to try it…. Wish me luck

  18. dannycaca100 says:

    Your funny :DD

  19. Qualli08 says:

    Hi, I live in California and would like to know were can I purchase that
    organic green tea and that exact brand?? I have tried Google and have no
    good results!!!Thanks for all the tips, you are such an inspiration!!

  20. Amanda Mustang says:

    I think a good follow up to this video would be where you share how long
    you’ve kept the weight off and how have you maintained your weight-loss.
    Awesome video btw. My friend and I are gonna follow your instructions and
    see how it works for us! 🙂

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